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Table of Contents

Part  I  -  Everything You Need to Know About Depression

1.   The Land of Depression
       Welcome to the Land of Depression where backward thinking rules.

2.   House of Mirrors
       Mirror, mirror on the wall, am I OK after all?
3.   Mental Slippage: Loss of Command and Control
      The first part of mental slippage deals with control of your thoughts;  the second part deals with the content
      of your thoughts.
4.   How to Create a Positive Brain
       You are responsible for the chemistry of your brain.  When you choose your thoughts, you choose your brain
       chemistry.  When you change your thoughts, you change your brain chemistry.  You are not the victim of your
       chemistry; you are its creator.
5.   Positive Operating System
       Positive thinking is the right type of thinking.  It's the natural software for your mind and is the most efficient way
       to run your brain.
6.   Real Power Over Depression
       The most powerful force in the universe is God's love.  When your heart is full of God's love, it's full of his
       presence and power.  God's love not only points you in the right direction; it gives you the power to make the trip.

 Part II  -  Eight Steps to Eradicate Depression

7.   Realize You Have a Problem
       Negative thinking is a warning that something is wrong in your life.
8.   Reestablish Command and Control
       A persistently positive focus creates a consistently positive mind.
9.   Recognize Your Cognitive Distortions
       When bad things happen, cognitive distortions are optional.  You can choose to not be depressed.
10. Reject Your Cognitive Distortions
       You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.
11. Renew Your Mind
       To win the battle against depression, you need a mind transplant; you need a completely new way of thinking to
       receive an entirely new way of feeling..
12. Reprogram You Mind with a Positive Operating System
       The First Law of Focus states that what you think about expands.  You must learn to use the power of positive
       focus to install a positive operating system in your mind.
13. Radically Shift Your Focus to the Most Powerful Force in the Universe: God's Love
       God's love is the most powerful force in the universe, and you must shift your focus away from depression and
       in the direction of God's love.  It's better to switch than it is to fight!
14. Repeat These Steps
       Eternal vigilance is the price of a positive mind..

Part III  -  Negative Thinking and Its Negative Friends

15. Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Negative Thinking
       Negative thinking is the black hole of the mind.  It's impossible to think only one negative thought..
16. Conflict
       Your need to be right is the formula for perpetual conflict.  Would you rather be happy or rather be right?.
17. Escaping From Perfection
       The wages of perfection are eternal frustration.
18. Guilt - Hazardous Substance - Handle With Care
       Guilt is a hazardous substance, and you must handle it with care.
19. Zero Tolerance to Negative Thinking
       Tolerating negative thinking in any form or to any degree is unacceptable.

Part  IV  -  Dealing with Adversity and Setbacks

20. Sastrugi happens
       When sastrugi happens, you must keep on keeping on..
21. Keeping Adversity in Perspective
       Eight commonsense steps to take when adversity pays an unwelcome visit.

22. Negative Thoughts Are a Stop Sign
       Negative thoughts alert you to the fact there is a problem.  They make you stop what you are doing and force
       you to deal with it.

23. Positive Action Is the Only Appropriate Response to a Negative Thought
       Positive action is the remedy for negative thoughts.
24. When You Think Positive, Your Life Starts to Improve
       No matter how negative your life is, thinking positive makes it better.
25. Turn Bad Things into Better Things
       No amount of positive thinking will take something bad and turn it into something good, but positive thinking
       will turn it into something better..
26. Affirmations for the Inner Skeptic
       Affirmations do more than change the way you think; they also change the way you feel.
27. You Can Change the Way You Think and Feel by Changing What You Say When You Talk to Your Mind
       You have a lot of things to discuss with your mind, and this chapter tells you what you should be talking about.
28. Strong Arm Your Mind
        Beating depression is a dogfight, but it's a fight you can win.  Here are twenty things you can do to give your
        mind a massive push in a positive direction.

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