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Most people occasionally experience the negativity associated with overload.  It isn't a serious problem unless you allow yourself to slip into a state of chronic overload.  When you are in overload, you experience the same negative thoughts found in the fatigued mind.  Even if you have a positive operating system running in your mind, you can still experience serious negative thinking when you live in a state of chronic overload.  When you decrease the overload, the negativity quickly dissipates, and you return to your normally positive state.

The negative thinking found in the overloaded state is a warning that something is wrong. You are in overload, and your mind is rebelling.  The only way it can make you stop and rest is to flood your mind with negative thoughts.  Every negative thought is a STOP SIGN.  Stop what you are doing and relieve the overload.  You are too busy, and your activities are too important, and your problems are too serious, or so it seems to the overloaded mind.  You are losing perspective.  The three great enemies of the positive mind - busy, important, serious - are controlling you.  When these three culprits are in control, they create overload.  Even the most positive mind can only take so much, and then no more.  It goes into revolt and uses negative thoughts to drive busy, important, and serious from your mind.  Your mind shouts its warning and forces you to deal with the overload before you break down.  Negative thinking is your friend if you pay attention to what it's saying. 

Overload is extremely common in western societies.  There aren't enough hours in a day to accommodate a typical western lifestyle.  Add to that a mountain of shoulds, musts, and oughts, and you have everything you need to slip into an overloaded state.

Although overload is uncomfortable, and negative thoughts proliferate at an alarming rate, you still have command and control over your mind.  If you listen to what your negative thoughts are saying, you quickly discover your problem is overload rather than clinical depression.  Furthermore, when you relieve the overload, your positive state of mind returns.

Excerpt from :

Zero Tolerance To Negative Thinking : Good-by Depression - Hello Positive Mind

David J Abbott M.D.

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