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The first type of mental slippage focuses on controlling your thoughts.  When you lose control of your thoughts, you lose control of your life.

Imagine that you are an air traffic controller at Los Angeles International Airport.  You track aircraft on radar and tell them when and where it's safe to fly.  You assign altitudes and courses to planes to prevent mid-air collisions and to safely bring them in to land.

Similarly, you assign courses and altitudes to planes as they take off.  If everyone does exactly as instructed, planes don't collide with each other, and the airport runs efficiently without mishap.

Imagine what would happen if suddenly incoming aircraft chose their own altitude and landed whenever they wanted.  Imagine that each aircraft took off whenever it pleased.  Total chaos would ensue.  Approaching aircraft would run into airplanes sitting on the runways.  Mid-air collisions would happen all over the sky.

Without command and control, a modern international airport would become a disaster area.  Command and control are everything.  Someone has to be in charge and make sure that aircraft do exactly as instructed.  That's why we have air traffic controllers.

Imagine what would happen if you lost command and control in your mind.  Instead of you running your mind, your mind ran you.  Your incoming thoughts and outgoing thoughts zoomed around totally out of control.

That's what happens when you have mental slippage.  You no longer control the thoughts that pass through your mind.  You lose control of your mental traffic.  Your thought controller no longer functions properly, and thoughts fly in every direction.  Fortunately, when your thought controller doesn't function correctly, you can use medication to stop the mental slippage and reestablish command and control.

Excerpt from :

Zero Tolerance To Negative Thinking : Good-by Depression - Hello Positive Mind

David J Abbott M.D.

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