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Being negative is easy.  All you need to do is say no, and thatís the end of it.  You donít have to take any further action.  No more study is necessary, no plans need to be made, and no alliances need to be formed.

When you say no, you donít even have to move off your chair.  You only move your lips and utter a one-syllable word.  No.  It is a dead end street with no place to turn around.  It is the ultimate copout.  If you become good at saying no, you can avoid committing yourself to anything in life.

When you are positive, the situation is radically different.  The moment you say yes is just the beginning.  You cross the starting line, and now all the challenges lie ahead.  When you say yes, itís time to knuckle down, study, plan, and execute the plan.  Itís time to make alliances and mastermind groups.  Itís time to start networking.  Most important of all, itís time to act.  Take sustained persistent action that doesnít recognize failure and never gives up.  This type of action perceives setbacks as stepping-stones.  Being positive and saying yes means running your mind in a positive manner.  It means taking charge of your thoughts and shaping your own destiny, and itís hard work.  Only a few internally motivated individuals have enough persistence, courage, and desire to keep themselves positive.

When you are negative, you cross the finish line without getting out of your chair, and the prize you win for crossing this line is a one way ticket to Nowhere Land.

Being positive is hard.  After crossing the starting line, the finish line is nowhere in sight.  Only hard work and determination bring you to the finish line.  However, the rewards of crossing the starting line are great.  You choose your own prize and destination, and the challenges are big.  Just because you initially said yes to life doesnít mean that you will cross the finish line and win your reward.  You will repeatedly encounter the temptation to quit.

Being positive is harder than being negative.  In the game of life, there are hundreds of critics for each person who says yes to life and yes to excellence.  Negative thinkers abound, and they happily point out the futility of your endeavors.  You will not meet many cheerleaders to help you stay positive; you must keep yourself positive and be your own cheerleader.

Excerpt from :

Zero Tolerance To Negative Thinking : Good-by Depression - Hello Positive Mind

David J Abbott M.D.

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