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Negativity focuses on whatís wrong rather than whatís right.  It focuses on limitations rather than possibilities.  Your focus determines your destination.  When your mental focus is positive, you move in a positive direction, and when itís negative, you move in a negative direction.

The focus of your mind is critical.  Focus selects the programs running in your mind.  When you are negative and focused on everything wrong, your mind runs programs that confirm and reinforce those beliefs.  When your focus is positive, your mind runs programs that confirm and reinforce your positive thoughts. 

Some people believe itís impossible run their own mind and control their thoughts.  If thatís true, then answer this question.  If you donít run your mind, who does?  If you donít control your thoughts, who will? 

The Life Long Disoriented have abdicated the control of their thoughts and the running of their mind to other people.  Their boss, parents, children, and culture control their thoughts and run their mind.  What a sad state of affairs!  You donít have nine lives, and if you donít get it right this time, you miss out forever.  If you let someone else run your mind, you have literally missed the opportunity of a lifetime.  God gave you a mind and He expects you to run your mind by yourself, rather than have other people do it for you.  Thatís why He gave you a free will, and thatís his plan for every human being.  Run your mind, give it your best shot, and see what you can do with this magnificent opportunity for an adventure that starts now and lasts forever.

Running your mind and filling it with positive things is one of the biggest challenges you face.  So how do you run your mind? Is it hard to do?  Can anyone do it, or do you have to be a genius to make it happen?

The truth is, you already know how to run your mind, and running it is as simple and as hard as controlling your mental focus.  The focus of your mind determines which programs run there.  A persistently positive focus creates a consistently positive mind, because it turns on a positive operating system and runs positive programs.  A persistently negative focus causes mental havoc because it turns on a negative operating system and runs negative programs.

Your mental focus selects the program that will run in your mind for the next few minutes.  Your mind can hopscotch around quickly from program to program.  At times, it takes considerable effort to maintain the focus necessary to run good programs in your mind.   

There are dozens of powerful techniques you can use to focus your mind on the positive rather than the negative.  Read books on positive thinking.  Write books on positive thinking.  Listen to cassettes on motivation.  Recite positive self-talk.  Enroll in seminars.  Talk to a positive friend.  Watch positive videos.  Pray.  Read scripture.  No matter what technique you select, if the focus is positive, it will create the desired effect. 

Your brain examines the focus of your thoughts and then runs a program consistent with that focus.  All the programs on positive thinking and motivation accomplish one task.  They push your mental focus in a positive direction.  They focus your mind on positive thoughts so it runs positive and empowering programs.

When you understand that focus selects the inputs and programs running on your brain, it is clear why negativity is so destructive.  A negative focus means your mind is running negative and destructive programs. 

Excerpt from :

Zero Tolerance To Negative Thinking : Good-by Depression - Hello Positive Mind

David J Abbott M.D.

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