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Mood disorders are different from fatigued, overloaded, and pessimistic states.  People with mood disorders have loss of command and control.  They experience mental slippage.  In addition,  twisted thinking and distorted emotions make their appearance.

Everyone feels down and depressed from time to time.  That's to be expected.  You would be abnormal if you didn't feel bad when bad things happen to you.  Feeling bad when bad things happen is called normal.  You don't need pills every time a negative or depressing thought flies through your mind.  If you popped an antidepressant pill every time a negative thought reared its ugly head, it wouldn't be long before you were bankrupt, and the drug companies would be billionaires.

The real problem isn't the negative and depressing thoughts that rumble through the corridors of your mind; they are only a symptom of inner malaise.  The critical question is whether you have lost command and control of your thoughts.  Have depressing automatic thoughts taken over your mind, or are you still in control, and are your negative thoughts only a minor irritation?  A few seconds of listening to your inner dialogue reveals if twisted thinking and distorted emotions have assumed control.

Mood disorders vary greatly in their severity; they can be mild, moderate, or even severe.  They can also be associated with inappropriate euphoria that happens in bipolar disorders and manic states.  Regardless of their severity, the spectrum of mood disorders share important characteristics in common.  They all have problems with command and control, and their thoughts become twisted and their emotions distorted to a significant degree.

The spectrum of mood disorders is broad, and there are no precise lines separating  mild ones from those that are more severe.  And in the end, it really doesn't matter the name you give to them.  What is important is that you recognize that they are present, and you treat them.  You must reestablish command and control, and eliminate the twisted thinking that causes the painful distorted emotions.

Excerpt from :

Zero Tolerance To Negative Thinking : Good-by Depression - Hello Positive Mind

David J Abbott M.D.

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