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I've always been impressed with God's wisdom.

For example, when He created the world, He made the world spin on its axis one revolution every twenty-four hours, which means He gave us a day that is twenty-four hours long.   You might be tempted to think that a twenty-four hour day is not such a big deal, but if you thought  that you would be wrong. 

It turns out that our biological  and psychological clocks are designed around a twenty-four hour period.  When I was an intern in a hospital, on many occasions I worked a thirty six hour shift, and I discovered that a thirty-six hour day doesn't work well for me.  And when I sailed offshore in bad weather, a thirty hour day wasn't much better.

My body and mind work best in twenty-four hour chunks of time.  It allows me to get the rest I need, and at the same time, it divides my life into manageable segments.  I can do almost anything as long as I live just one day at a time.

Psychologically, at the beginning of each day we receive a new life, and we can make it into anything we want.  All the days that went before are gone, cremated in the fires of time.  Nothing is left but the ashes.

God knew that we needed a fresh start every twenty-four hours, and that's the reason He made the world the way it is and made us the way we are.  Twenty-four hours isn't an accident; it's seamlessly woven into the fabric of life.

I'm glad that God created a twenty-four hour day.  He gave me plenty of time for work, sleep, and play, and best of all, each day is a fresh opportunity to work on my dreams.

Excerpt from :

Maximum Strength Positive Thinking : What to Say When You Talk to Your Mind

David J Abbott M.D.

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