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Cognitive distortions come in two major categories.  Some types have a negative focus twisted in a single specific direction, and others extend globally.  Overgeneralization is in the second group; it thinks big and goes global.

This mirror casts a broad reflection that is larger than life.  A single negative or difficult episode expands exponentially in your mind until it characterizes your entire existence.  One bad thing happens, and now you look on your life as nothing but a veil of tears.  Overgeneralization's negative focus extends globally.

This mirror is easy to recognize because of its broad reflection.  Make no mistake about it, bad things are going to happen.  Nevertheless, it's unusual for a single bad experience to cast its pall over every area of your life.

When I was in a serious car accident and nearly died, it had a massive effect on the remainder of my life.  But broken bones and punctured lungs heal.  Even more important, I made the mental decision that a car accident wouldn't stop me from continuing to sail around the world on my yacht and living my dreams.

Trouble may make me stumble, but it will not make me stop.  I made up my mind that I would never quit working on my dreams until I was sincerely, monumentally, and completely dead.  Until then, it's time to make my dreams come true.

Excerpt from :

Zero Tolerance To Negative Thinking : Good-by Depression - Hello Positive Mind

David J Abbott M.D.

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