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Table of Contents

1.   You Must Know What to Say When You Talk to Your Mind
       You must know what to say when your mind talks to you, and know what to say when you talk to your mind.

2.   Positive Self-Talk Creates a Positive Brain
       Create a positive brain chemistry by putting positive things into your mind.
3.   I Will Live the Rest of My Life As If I Am a Great Person
       I will live as if my dreams are possible and work each day to make them happen.
4.   How to Make a Life
      When I make a living I focus on survival.  When I make a life, I focus on my dreams.
5.   Be Transformed By the Renewing of Your Mind
       The mind is the door through which I enter the world of change.
6.   Positive Beliefs
       Positive thinking is the natural software for my mind.  My mind functions most efficiently when it's dominated by positive beliefs.
7.   Empowering Beliefs
       Empowering beliefs get me going and keep me going when the going gets tough.
8.   Resourceful Beliefs
       I have the ability to achieve excellence in at least one area of my life.
9.   Unlimited Beliefs
       Limitations first happen in my mind.
10. I Am What I Think About All Day Long
       Whoever I am, I am that person first in my mind.  Whatever I accomplish, I accomplish it first in my mind.  Whatever I become, I
        become it first in my mind.

11. What I Think About Expands into My Life
The only way for dreams to come true is for them to expand from my thoughts.
12. The Big Three
       Three critical decisions will either make me or break me.
13. Zero Ambivalence Club
       Ambivalence is the mortal enemy of my dreams.
14. I Speak the Language of the Mind
       My mind speaks to me in it's own language.
15. Practice Being Great Each Day of Your Life
       I will live as if I am a great person.
16. What I Think About Matters
       Negative and limiting thoughts create a chemical imbalance in my brain.
17. Think on These Things
       God gave me a mind, and He expects me to fill it with good things.
18. Consistently Control Your Mind
       A persistently positive focus creates a consistently positive mind.
19. Who Will Run My Mind?
       My mind belongs to me, and I will run it in a manner that takes me to my dreams.
20. Will I Run My Mind or Will It Run Me?
       Either my mind is my slave or my master.  There are no other options.
21. When Will I Get Better?
       The instant that I start to think positive thoughts is the moment my life improves.

22. Positive Magnet
       Positive expectations bring good things into my life.

23. POS Version 1.0 - Operating System for My Mind
       Positive thinking is the right type of thinking.  It's the natural software for my mind.
24. Think Positive
       No matter how negative my life is, thinking positive makes it better.
25. The Challenge
       I take whatever happens in my life and make it into something beautiful.
26. I Turn Bad Things into Better Things
       I take bad things and turn them into something better.
27. Opportunity Is a Shy Visitor
       When opportunity comes calling, it's usually disguised as a problem or as hard work.
28. I Am Potential Unlimited
       Potential is not something that must be present before the fact of change.  It's something that happens after the fact.

29.There Is No Limit to How Good My Life Can Become
      There is no limit to how good my life can become when I put good things into my mind.

30. Say Yes to Life
       Saying yes to life opens the door to opportunity
31. I Can Still Make My Dreams Come True
       No matter what happened in the past, I can still make my dreams come true.
32. Freedom Is Only a Thought Away
       My beliefs are the single most liberating or limiting factor in my life.
33. Exceptional Beliefs
       I have an unlimited number of swings at the baseball of life.
34. The Meaning of Life
       There is no meaning to any event except for the meaning that I choose to give to it.
35. Every Destination Starts As a Thought
       I think and act my new life into existence.
36. A New Beginning Creates a New Ending
       Every time I make a new start, I create a new life with a new ending.
37. I Change My Mind in an Instant of Time
       At the moment of change, there is a shift in my beliefs.
38. The Magic of Focus Is Not Hocus Pocus
       Focus give me leverage over my mind.
39. Ready for Change
Change takes a long time because I take so much time getting ready.
40. I Am Willing to Do Whatever It Takes
       When I am willing to do whatever it takes, change happens.
41. Change First Happens in My Mind
       I am the only one who can make change happen because I am the only one who can change my mind.
42. New Thoughts - New Actions - New Lives
       Change happens when I think differently that I have always thought and act differently than I have always acted.
43. Endless Persistence
       I am an Unstoppable, Consistently Positive, Endlessly Persistent, Doer of Dreams.
44. Do It Now
       When should I work on my dreams?
45. Semper Fidelis
       Small challenges are the training grounds for the great ones.
46. No Reason to Wait
       Each day is a new chance to be all that I can be.
47. The Call to Action
       Negative thoughts are either a call to more negative thoughts or a call to positive action.
48. The Only Appropriate Response to a Negative Thought
       Negative thoughts don't stand a chance when I take positive action.
49. Failure Is Never Final
       Failure is never final unless I quit.

50. Pulling the Weeds and Planting the Seeds
       The palest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory.

51. I Build My Future Thought By Thought
       Great lives are built on great thoughts.
52. Change Who You Are
       Change who you are by changing what you put into your mind.

53. Be Excellent
I will achieve excellence in at least one area of my life.

54. Limiting Beliefs Are a Choice
       Limiting beliefs don't come on tablets of stone from the hand of God.
55. Limitations
       Limiting beliefs are a choice, and I choose to not have any.
56. Barriers or Hurdles?
       Whether an obstacle is a barrier or a hurdle depends on how I treat obstacles in my mind.
57. Make Your Limitations Disappear
       I act as if my dreams are possible and act as if I cannot fail.
58. Get a Fresh Start - Clean Your Mind
       Every ounce of forgiveness I dispense to others lifts a ton off the burden I must bear.
59. Toxic Waste Management
       A double does of forgiveness and love eliminates resentment from my mind.
60. Don't Let the World Clip Your Wings
       I will not let the world clip my wings or force me into its mold.
61. Fly Like an Eagle
       God gave me the heart and wings of an eagle.
62. Live As If You Are in God's Presence
       God hides in plain sight.
63. Faith Is Not About Size
Faith is stepping out in the direction of your dreams regardless of the consequences.
64. Double Dose of Faith
       Type I faith empowers me to do the things that I can do and should do for myself.  Type II faith empowers God to do the things for
       me that I cannot do for myself.

65. How to Increase My Faith
       When I don't worry if I have enough faith, my faith does just fine.
66. Healing Damaged Emotions
       When the power of God's love flows through my heart and mind, I am healed.  I become a new person.
67. The Most Powerful Force in the Universe
       The most powerful force in the universe is God's love. The Most positive force in the universe is God's love.
68. Unconditional Love
       God loves and accepts me the way I am, but He loves me too much to let me stay that way.
69. Max Out on God's Love
       For as long as I am alive, I will max out on God's love.
70. Spirituality
       There is a time to listen to my senses, and a time to come to my senses.
71. The Ultimate Reality Check
       You can fool yourself some of the time. You can fool others some of the time. You can never fool God.
72. The Truth Shall Set You Free
       You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.
73. I Have a Dream
       Dreams are God's way of pointing out that I have the possibility of achieving excellence in my life.

74. The Power of Positive Focus
       A persistently positive focus creates a consistently positive mind.

75. Repetition Hijacks My Mind
       I repeat my positive self-talk until my mind repeats it back to me.
76. The Gift that Never Stops Giving
       Memorization uses the power of repetition to put good things into my mind.

77. Put A Positive Spin on Your Life
       There is no reason to interpret any event in a negative manner.

78. Positive Thinking Is Not Enough
       Positive thinking is great when I can do it, but I can't always do it.
79. Calm the Storm of Thoughts  Blowing Through Your Mind
       Autosuggestion calms the storm of thoughts blowing endlessly through my mind.
80. Feed Your Mind Three Meals a Day
       Reading allows me to change who I am by transplanting new thoughts into my mind.
81. Write Your Way to a Positive Mind
       I can make my mind as positive as I want.  All I need to do is write it thought by thought.
82. A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words
       If I do a good job of visualizing the path to my dreams, when I walk down the path it will be a trip through familiar territory.
83. Listen to the Sound of Your Dreams
       When I listen to music, I hear the sound of my dreams.
84. Superheroes of the Mind
       Say it, see it, and feel it are the superheroes of the mind.
85. Association and Dissociation
       I associate with thoughts that empower me and dissociate from those that steal my dreams.
86. Power or Paralysis
       My state of mind is a choice.  If I don't like my state, I can change it using the power of physiology.
87. Statement of Purpose
I keep moving in the direction of my dreams regardless of the outcome that happen along the way.
88. Written Plan
       If I can write a series of logical steps that accomplish my purpose, it's reasonable to believe my dreams are possible.
89. Escape Limited Thinking
       In the beginner's mind there are many ways to reach an objective, but in the expert's mind there is only one best way.
90. The Direction of Motivation
       When I concentrate on a positive future, I automatically leave a negative past behind.
91. Affirmations for the Inner Skeptic
       Affirmations do more than change the way I think.  They also change the way I feel.
92. Count Your Blessings or Your Blessings Don't Count
       When I focus on what is good in my life, my mind replays my blessings all day long.
93. Recipe for Achievement
       Modeling starts me on the path of success using a plan that is proven to work.
94. A Blessing That Lasts Three Lifetimes
       Good role models are a blessing that lasts three lifetimes. Their positive effect is passed on to the next two generations.
95. Keep Your Goals in Perspective
       My goals should be big enough to strongly attract me and small enough that their attainment is possible.
96. Keep Money in Perspective
       Wealth is a gift from God, and the ability to enjoy it is an even greater gift.
97. Handle with Care
       My sense of wonder is fragile, and I must handle it with care.

98. The Positive Mind Pump
       The MP3 player is a positive mind pump that put positive things into my mind.

99. Negative Black Hole
       Negative thoughts create a black hole that annihilates my future in a unique way.
100. Zero Tolerance to Negative Thinking
         I have zero tolerance to negative thinking. I don't tolerate it in any form or to any degree.

101. Negative Thinking Is a Warning
         Negative thinking is warning.  Something is wrong in my life.

102. Conflict Brings Negative Thoughts into My Life
         Conflict doesn't resolve issues.  Instead, it polarizes and inflames them making my life worse.
103. Give Up Your Need to Be Right
         My need to be right is the formula for perpetual conflict.
104. Negative Thoughts Are a Stop Sign
         Negative thoughts don't just happen. They are there for a reason.  They point in the direction of my problems.
105. Never Argue with Negative Thoughts
         Negative thoughts are parasites that live off the energy I give them when I focus on them.
106. What Do I Find When I Squeeze My Mind?
         What do I find when I squeeze my mind? I discover the thoughts that I have been putting there.
107. Miracles Happen
         When I fill my mind with the power of God's love, miraculous things happen.
108. Cockroaches of the Mind
         Negative and judgmental thoughts are the cockroaches of the mind.
109. Guilt - Hazardous Substance - Handle with Care
         Guilt is a hazardous substance, and I must handle it with care.
110. Time Travel
         I will not allow past regrets or a fearful future spoil my life.
111. Live As If You Are a Positive Person
 I have decided to live as if I am a positive person. I will practice being positive each day of my life.
112. Live As If You Are a Loving Person
         I have decided to live as if I am a loving person. I will practice being loving each day of my life.
113. Live As If You Are a Forgiving Person
         I will live as if I am a forgiving person. I will practice forgiveness each day of my life.
114. Live As If You Are a Thankful Person
         Prosperity lays an invisible trap called ingratitude. The more prosperous I am, the less grateful I feel.
115. Live As If You Are a Tolerant Person
         Most people are doing the best they can with the resources that they have.
116. Never
         When should I try to be like everyone else? When should I allow someone else to control my mind?
117. Never Quit Working on Your Dreams
         Life is short, and death is long. I will never quit until I die.
118. Keep Adversity in Perspective
         When adversity pays an unwelcome visit, I modify my plans, stick to my purpose, and never surrender my dreams.
119. Surviving the Storm
         Most of the time, I can deal with the facts of life without difficulty. It's the storm of thoughts that causes such a problem.
120. What Goes Around Comes Around
         The love I send to others comes multiplied back to me.
121. Once Is Not Enough
         Spiritual birth isn't something I do.  Instead it's something God does to me after I open my heart to his love.

122. Be Still and Know That I Am God
         God speaks all the time, but the only way to hear his voice of love is to become silent and listen.

123. The Pure in Heart Shall See God
         The pure in heart have a special blessing. They are able to see God.
124. The Facts of Love
         Until I understand God's love, I will never know what God is like.

125. Blown to Smithereens
         Sin is like a barometer that tells me how my relationship with God is going.

126. Perfection Is a Disease, and God's Love Is the Cure
         God loves and accepts me as I am.  If it's good enough for God, it's good enough for me.
127. Predestination
         What I put into my mind becomes my roadmap for life.
128. Fearosaurus Rex
        The best way to say good-bye to fear is to say hello to God's love.
129. The Arm of God
         My chance of being perfect is zero, and if I am smart, I won't criticize other people who aren't perfect.
130. Jump into God's Ocean of Love
         When I jump into God's ocean of love, my life is never the same. I am born spiritually and become a new person.


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