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Saying no to life destroys opportunity.  Itís always right to say yes to life, and itís always wrong to say no.  Saying yes opens the door of opportunity, and saying no closes it. 

Saying no to life annihilates your future in a unique way.  When you say no, you shut the door to opportunity.  Unfortunately, itís impossible to shut only one door.  When you say no, you shut and lock hundreds of other doors that lie behind the door not opened.  Negation and loss of opportunity expand at an exponential rate. 

Life is too short and opportunities too few to shut any door to the future.  On the other hand, when you say yes to life, you open the door of opportunity.  Behind that door are hundreds of other doors that also open in an expanding array of new possibilities.

The only way to reach your dreams is by saying yes to life.  When you say yes, the opportunities come so fast from so many different directions itís impossible to take advantage of them all. 

When I purchased my sailboat, I said yes to life.  My cruising catamaran is capable of sailing anywhere in the world, as long as there is an ocean to get me there.  It can comfortably take four people around the world with the potential to visit thousands of destinations.  When I hoist the sails on my yacht, I can sail to any destination that courage and prudence allow.  The travel opportunities encompass all the maritime nations of the world.  Itís impossible to sail to all of the places I want to visit, because my life is too short and the destinations too numerous. 

In laboratory medicine, when doctors count the quantity of cells or bacteria on a microscopic slide, they sometimes use an abbreviation Ė TNTC Ė which means, ďToo Numerous To CountĒ. Thatís the way opportunities expand when you say yes to life.  The opportunities are too numerous to count.  When I purchased my small yacht, my sailing opportunities became too numerous to count.

I have a passion for owning and driving Land Rover Defender trucks.  When I work in Arabia, I drive a Land Rover Defender.  The Defender is a magnificent opportunity machine.  Install long-range fuel tanks, a roof rack, and two spare tires, and you are on your way to unlimited adventure.  You can drive hundreds of thousands of square miles exploring the arid terrain.  The largest sand desert in the world is found in Arabia, and there are no land mines or civil wars to inhibit your freedom of movement.  When you are seated behind the steering wheel of a Land Rover Defender, your opportunities for expeditionary desert travel are too numerous to count.

Although sailing on the oceans or driving in the desert may not appeal to most people, both of these activities point in the direction of saying yes to life.  Unlimited opportunity is the substance from which dreams are made.  Only those who say yes to opportunity can expect to have it expand into their world.  During one period of my life, my yacht was in Australia waiting to sail to the South Seas, and I had two Land Rover Defenders prepared and waiting for expeditionary travel adventures.  One Land Rover was waiting to be driven in the outback of Australia, and the other was waiting to be driven in the Empty Quarter of Saudi Arabia.  My opportunities for adventure were too numerous to count.

When you say no life, the door of opportunity slams shut.  That simple act also closes hundreds of other doors that lie behind the door not opened.  If I sell my yacht, I sell my dreams.  Without a yacht, a thousand destinations drop off the itinerary of my life.  Doors of opportunity slam shut at an exponential rate.  My sailing dreams instantly implode as I erase a massive segment of my life.  All of these things happen when I close a single door of opportunity by selling my yacht.   

If you have never said yes to life, itís hard to believe opening one door will open hundreds of others that hide behind the door first opened.  When you become good at opening the door of opportunity, you have the happy decision of choosing between all of the good things that come into your life.  There is no limit to how good your life can become because your opportunities are too numerous to count. 

Excerpt from :

Zero Tolerance To Negative Thinking : Good-by Depression - Hello Positive Mind

David J Abbott M.D.

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