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When I sail on the ocean, I carry a variety of emergency signaling devices that someday may save my life.  My parachute flares are especially effective; they shoot several thousand feet up in the sky and then slowly float down to the ocean alerting other people that I am in distress. 

I chose the best and most expensive flares for my yacht.  My SOLAS flares shoot up more than twice as high in the sky, are three times brighter, and last seven times longer than cheap flares.  They are also three times more expensive.  If disaster happens and I end up floating in a life raft, I want only the best flares that stay up in the sky the longest time.  Those flares are there for a purpose, and that purpose is to save my life.

Negative thoughts are like the flares on my yacht.  They are signaling devices letting you know something bad is happening in your mind.  Negative thoughts donít just happen; something causes them to appear.  They are there for a reason.

Negative thoughts reveal whatís happening inside your mind.  They reflect your approach to life and your habits of thought.  Some people run their mind in such a manner that negative thoughts are rarely present.  Other people find a continual cascade of negative thoughts rushing through their mind. 

Negative thoughts are extremely destructive, and unrestrained negative thinking will destroy your life.  When negative thoughts appear, they are like a signal flare fired off by your mind letting you know something is wrong.  Unfortunately, most people donít pay attention to the message.  To them, negative thoughts are simply an irritation they wish would go away.

Negative thoughts will play a role in your life, and you need to be certain they play a positive role.  Negative thoughts have several benefits.

1.     Negative thoughts are a stop sign.  They alert you to the fact there is a problem.  They make you stop what you are doing, and force you to deal with it.

2.     Negative thoughts point in the direction of the problem.  Unfortunately, you may look at the pointing finger rather than to where the finger points.  When you look at the negative thoughts, you are looking at the pointing finger.  When you look at where the finger points, you see the source of your negative thoughts.  Once you know the source, you can do something about them.

3.     Negative thoughts provide positive feedback that tells you how you are doing.  If you are doing fine, the negative thoughts go away.  If you continue charging up the hill of error, the negative thoughts persist.

4.     Negative thoughts have tremendous motivational value.  When you suffer from a plague of negativity, you are highly motivated to eliminate it.

Donít dwell on your negative thoughts any longer than necessary, but pay attention to what they say.  Negative thoughts help you identify the source of your problems.  If you listen to the message and take positive action, good things will happen in your life.

Excerpt from :

Zero Tolerance To Negative Thinking : Good-by Depression - Hello Positive Mind

David J Abbott M.D.

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