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You must stop negativity at the door of your mind.  If it gets inside, it will turn your mind into a battlefield.  You will spend hundreds of hours tacking eviction notices on the negative thoughts echoing in your mind.  It is much easier to keep negativity out than it is to evict it once it gets inside.

Negativity will never overwhelm you if you are totally committed to positive action.  Positive action causes you to win in two ways.  First, it prevents the proliferation of additional negative thoughts.  Second, positive action starts you moving and keeps you moving in the right direction.  Positive action transforms disaster into victory, and in the process, pushes negativity out of your life. 

Physical therapy is a profession that transforms lives using positive action.  The foundation of physical therapy is positive action.  The only way to restore health to a broken or dysfunctional body is through positive action.  There are no magic buttons to push that restore lost function.  Positive action, hard work, and time perform miracles in the world of physical therapy.

When I had two broken legs, I learned the importance of positive action.  After my injury, I was confined to bed for many weeks.  When I first attempted to walk, I was shocked to discover I had lost the muscle tone in my legs because the muscles were atrophic.  When I stood at my bedside for the first time, I nearly fainted because the blood in my body ran down into my legs.  My feet looked frighteningly blue, and I was dizzy from low blood pressure; the vascular tone in the blood vessels of my legs was gone. 

I took a few timid steps beside my bed, and within seconds, was covered with beads of sweat.  I couldnít believe I was in such a terrible state.  I could barely stand without assistance and wondered if I would ever walk again.  I was worried. 

Over the next week, I stood up for short periods without passing out, and positive action made it possible to walk across the hospital room and back to my bed.  I was envious of people who could walk, climb stairs, and even run.  All of that had been taken from me. 

I spent three months in physical therapy.  Learning to walk again meant taking positive action for two or three hours a day.  I discovered that if you canít bend your knees, itís impossible to walk normally.  It required three months to achieve 45 degrees of bend in my right knee.  It required six months of positive action to achieve ninety degrees of bend.  Until you can bend your knees, itís impossible to climb stairs.  Month by month, positive action took me closer to my goal of being able to walk without crutches.

As I attended my physical therapy sessions, I met other people taking therapy.  Each person had a different problem, but they all faced the same mental challenge; they struggled with negative thoughts.  Some of them were apathetic and overwhelmed by negativity; it was written all over their faces.  The people who couldnít hear the call to positive action didnít do well.  Their progress was slow or negligible. 

Those who only hear the call of negative thoughts have negativity expand into their life.  They not only suffer physically, they suffer mentally as well.  Those who hear the call to positive action have a positive strategy that keeps them from being overwhelmed by despair.

Excerpt from :

Zero Tolerance To Negative Thinking : Good-by Depression - Hello Positive Mind  

David J Abbott M.D.

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