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Negativity provides an unusually powerful and narrow focus.  Being negative is simple; all you have to do is say no.  You donít have to work hard to say no.  You donít even have to think about it.  Just say no, and thatís the end of it. 

Negation is a powerful tool for destroying a life.  Negation is absolute; itís a period in the sentence of life.  Nothing happens after negation.  Discussion is over.  Thinking is over.  Affirmative action is over.  Nothing else can be said or done. 

You end up sitting in Nowhere Land in the small contracting universe of negativity.  The universe of possibility is unimaginably large and is continually expanding.  Those marching to the beat of possibility march to the sound of their dreams.  Those listening to the beat of negation remain where they are as their life collapses into the black hole of negativity.

I spent my medical career fighting blindness.  I operated on thousands of eyes and restored vision to thousands of people.  Itís highly gratifying to restore sight to a blind person.  When you restore sight to a child, you give a gift that lasts a lifetime.  When you restore vision to an elderly person, you put a smile on their face and give them back their life.

Many people suffer from a type of blindness that affects their inner vision in which negativity blinds their mind.  Inner blindness is more limiting than outer blindness.  Surgical instruments cure outer blindness.  Only a mind transplant cures inner blindness; renewing of the mind is the only known cure.

Inner blindness makes it impossible to see how you can turn your life around and live your dreams.  Inner blindness hands you a life of limitations and makes it impossible to live your dreams.  You never move in the direction of your dreams, because you canít move in the direction of a goal you canít see. 

Inner blindness is an enormous handicap.  Without a vision for the future, you canít see opportunities when they are in front of your face.  You are left with the appalling emptiness that accompanies negativity. 

In my medical practice, I have seen blindness close in on many individuals.  Their field of vision constricts and their central vision fades into a weak glimmer.  Year by year, blindness steals one dream after another.  Ocular disease constricts the field of their dreams until nothing is left.  I have seen it many times in the faces of my patients.  They feel like there is no hope and their life is over.   They shift gears into dependence as the focus of their life narrows.  This isnít a pessimistic assessment of life; itís blindness as it happens in the third world.

The same things happen when you have inner blindness.  The scope of your activity becomes limited as the field of your dreams constricts.  Each time you speak the word no, your life gets smaller, and your opportunities recede further into the distance.  If you continue to say no to opportunity, you eventually apply for permanent residence in Nowhere Land.

Excerpt from :

Zero Tolerance To Negative Thinking : Good-by Depression - Hello Positive Mind

David J Abbott M.D.

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