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Why does God want me to ask him for good things?  Why did Jesus say, ďYou have not, because you ask not?Ē

ONE:  Asking reminds me that God is the source of all good things.  All of my talents and abilities come directly from him.  The God who made the world and everything in it has plenty of resources to supply all my needs.

TWO:  Asking reminds me that God is my Father, and that He wants to give me good things.  God is not stingy with his children or miserly in dispensing his blessings.  He delights in giving his children what they need, and even more than they need.  He wants to fill their cups until they overflow.

THREE:  Asking reminds me that my relationship with God is based on love rather than on groveling and fear. When God looks at me, He looks through eyes of love.  From start to finish, He wants the best for me.

FOUR:  Asking reminds me that my relationship with God is up close and personal.  The Father is never far.  He is always present, and I am to take my relationship with him in a personal way.  I am on speaking terms with God.

FIVE:  Asking reminds me that I get what I expect.  Asking is a form of faith called positive expectations.  When I talk to God, I am to ask expectantly.  I donít get what I want.  Instead, I get what I expect. 

SIX:  Asking takes the handcuffs off God and allows him to start working miracles in my life.  God isnít pushy; He gave me a free will, but He canít work miracles without me giving him permission.  I must say yes to God and open my heart and mind to the power of his love so that He can make me into a new person.

SEVEN:  Asking opens my heart and mind to the new things that God wants to do in my life.  Itís the first step in getting into agreement with his purpose and plan.

EIGHT:  Asking connects me directly with God.  Itís the way God designed things to work in his Kingdom of love.  Without asking, the connection cannot happen.  Thatís why Jesus said, ďYou have not, because you ask not.Ē

NINE:  Asking makes spiritual growth possible.  God wants me to grow up spiritually.  Although I am one of his children, He doesnít want me to remain as a child.  He isnít looking for an extended spiritual adolescence; He wants me to grow up and become mature with a heart full of excellence and love.

:  When I ask expectantly, I start moving in a positive direction.  I act as if God has already given me what I need.  Asking starts me moving and doing my part so that God can do his part.  After I do my part, God does his.

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