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Life is hard enough without creating artificial barriers that exist only in your mind.  You should regard life as a search and destroy mission in which your main target is the limitations you find in your mind. 

Everyone experiences physical limitations, and the longer you live, the larger your physical challenges become.  But, you learn how to work your way around your restrictions using the power of your mind.

Quadriplegics canít bounce a basketball.  Nevertheless, quadriplegic individuals can still achieve excellence and even greatness in their lives.  Although they canít achieve excellence in basketball, they still can achieve excellence in one or more other areas.  And thatís really what life is all about; you continually chip away at the limitations found in your mind so that you can have an excellent life. 

There is always room at the top for people with vision, desire, and perseverance.  The envelope of possibility rarely hinders people at the top.  Individuals at the top spend their lives defining whatís possible rather than listening to the limitations that pop into their mind. 

People at the bottom continually run into barriers they create in their own mind, which is why they remain at the bottom.  People at the bottom look around, and all they see are barriers.  People at the top look around, and all they see are possibilities.   

In an hour of concentrated effort, a fully developed negative mind can come up with enough limitations to last a lifetime.  You must stop listening to the negative internal monologue that sells a suitcase full of limitations.  Your only true limit happens when you quit trying.  When you throw in the towel and surrender, you are saying this is as far as you can go, and itís pointless to persist.

I have seen two physically challenged people who can write the script of limitations for my life.  Both of these people are mountain climbers; one is paraplegic, and the other has no feet.

One individual was paraplegic as a result of a climbing accident.  After the accident, he decided paraplegia wouldnít prevent him from climbing El Capitan at Yosemite National Park in California.  He would overcome the accident and conquer the mountain using only his arms since his legs were useless for climbing.  He trained with one of his friends for the climb.  The friend laid out a route up the side of the mountain, and his job was to pull himself up using only his arms. 

Over several days of climbing, he did thousands of pull-ups as he ascended the vertical face of El Capitan.  Each night, he slept in a harness attached to the side of the mountain.  Calling this climb arduous, is an understatement.  Nevertheless, by force of will and with the help of his friend, he pulled himself thousands of feet up the sheer vertical face of the mountain.

The second individual lost both of his feet in a climbing accident.  He didnít want to give up climbing, and the only way to continue was to create new prosthetic feet to substitute for the missing ones.  He created light, durable carbon fiber prostheses that allowed him to climb like Spiderman.  He even made the artificial feet telescopic so he could make the reach of his legs greater by extending the length of the prosthesis before he started to climb.  When you watched him walk, you would never guess he was walking on artificial feet, and when you watched him climb, you were amazed as he ascended vertical walls of rock and mastered overhanging rock faces.

The envelope of possibility is unimaginably large, and it will continue to expand for as long as the human spirit is committed to making dreams come true.

Choose worthwhile goals, and never quit.  You will probably never encounter any absolute limitations anywhere except in your own mind.  And remember, limitations never preclude excellence; no matter what type of problem or handicap you have, you can still achieve excellence in at least one area of your life.  Excellence is your birthright as long as you donít give in to the voice of negativity and fear. 

Excerpt from :

Zero Tolerance To Negative Thinking : Good-by Depression - Hello Positive Mind

David J Abbott M.D.

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