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People who take positive action beat negativity, and frequently beat the odds against recovery.  I met two people who used positive action to beat the odds. 

One person was involved in a car accident in which there was a violent head-on-collision.  He was nearly killed as a result of his injuries.  He had many complications including fat embolism to his lungs that could easily have taken his life. 

His wife was also seriously injured in the accident, and they had to face the devastating loss of an unborn child who died as a complication of the accident.  On top of all this, his orthopedic surgeon said his feet, legs, and knees were so badly injured he would never walk again. 

I met him two years after his accident when he came to the hospital to perform physical therapy.  He walked into the room without assistance and performed his own program of therapy.  I couldn’t believe how he had recovered his ability to walk against incredible odds using positive thinking and positive action.  He told me his orthopedic surgeon is still amazed he can walk.

Several years later, I met another person who beat the odds against recovery using positive thinking and positive action.  He was involved in an airplane crash.  He survived miraculously, but had spinal chord injuries.  Although his chord was not transected, it sustained significant damage, and doctors told him he would be confined to a wheel chair for the rest of his life. 

After many months of physical therapy at the hospital, his doctors told him he should go home, accept his fate, and obtain financial support from the government for his disability.  But this person was not a quitter.  He also happened to be a physical therapist by profession.  After he went home, he set up a program of physical therapy in his own house.  He performed therapy on himself eight hours a day.  He spent hours each day treating his paralyzed muscles with electrical stimulation.  This unorthodox therapy apparently worked because over many months of full time physical therapy, he recovered to the point he could walk again. 

He continued taking positive action until he was able to go snow skiing.  He then invited his doctors to go with him on a ski vacation.  The doctors who said he would be confined to a wheelchair now watched him ski down the snow-covered slopes of Switzerland.

When I met him, his recovery was nearly complete.  I wouldn’t have known he had any residual effects of the injury if he hadn’t told me.  Every one who knew him thought he was entirely normal.  They were shocked to hear his story of recovery against incredible odds.

That is the way positive action works.  If you allow negative experiences to become a call to positive action, then miraculous things can happen, and you can beat the odds.

Excerpt from :

Zero Tolerance To Negative Thinking : Good-by Depression - Hello Positive Mind

David J Abbott M.D.

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