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Two things characterize conflict free living.  Loving and letting go.  At the end of your life, no one will ask how many conflicts you had, and whether you won or lost those battles.  No one will ask if you were always right.  On the final judgment day, you will be judged on loving and letting go.

When you love people, conflict disappears.  A heart full of love easily handles ninety-nine percent of the problems in life.  The heart of love recognizes how often things are worth fighting about.  The answer is almost never.  The heart of love looks at conflict as something unnecessary and destructive.  It either ignores or walks around the preventable conflicts of life.

Living is easier when your heart is full of love.  When you are not mired down in conflict, you no longer sink in the quicksand of negative thought.  Instead, you follow your dreams.  Living your dreams is why you are here on planet earth.  If you are fully committed to living your dreams, you won’t waste your resources on conflict.

Letting go is the natural course of life.  You spend the first half of life striving, struggling, accumulating, and achieving.  You spend the last half of life letting go.  The last half of life is relinquishment of everything you struggled to achieve in the first half.  It is giving back everything you gained.  Usually, you give it back a little bit at a time.  Your physical vigor and health gradually wane.  Your accomplishments recede into the distance.  Your achievements become distant memories, and you pass your wealth on to others. 

The conflict you experienced in the first half of your life is put in perspective.  As you let go of your struggles during the last half of life, conflict gradually fades.  If you had been able to let go in the first half of your life, conflict wouldn’t have been a significant problem then either.

Excerpt from :

Zero Tolerance To Negative Thinking : Good-by Depression - Hello Positive Mind

David J Abbott M.D.

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