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1.  Toxic waste attacks, negates, and destroys a positive operating system.   God designed positive thinking to be the natural software for your mind.  Your mind works best when itís under the influence of a positive operating system.  Toxic waste attacks all the components of a positive operating system.  One by one, each component comes under assault.  Positive self-image and positive self-esteem start to collapse under the sheer weight of the inner pollution.  Positive focus becomes blurred and positive expectations melt away.  Positive direction turns to disorientation.  Positive spirituality fades as the power of Godís love becomes a distant memory.  Your good finder and your God finder shut down.  Positive congruence disintegrates as your mind, heart, and will all head in different directions.

2.  Toxic waste attacks, erodes, and destroys positive values.  Toxic waste slowly, silently, and relentlessly annihilates the positive values that form the foundation on which you build your life.  When you lose your values, you lose your way.  Trying to live without positive values is like trying to sail on the ocean without a compass.  You donít know where you are or where you are going.  You become disoriented and lost as you wander through a wilderness of bankrupt values.

3.  Toxic waste makes it vastly more difficult to have a positive personal relationship with God.  It clouds your inner vision making it harder to see God at work in your life.  It dulls your hearing making it more difficult to hear Godís voice of love.

4.  Toxic waste makes you unclean on the inside.  It creates inner pollution that fills your heart and mind with stuff you donít want to have inside.  You experience thoughts you wish would go away, but wonít.  To make matters worse, when the pressures of life squeeze you, your inner pollution comes out for everyone to see.  You say and do things that reflect the pollution found inside your heart and mind.

5.  Toxic waste sticks.  Itís hard to get rid of toxic waste; itís covered with mental and emotional superglue, and it sticks in your heart and mind.  In fact, it stays forever once it gets inside.  Although you may forget about it, itís still there, and it will pop up into your consciousness at the most inopportune times.

6.  Toxic waste grows.  What you think about expands.  The more toxic waste you put into your mind, the more it proliferates.  It feeds on itself and spreads into new areas.  The more you focus on it, the more it controls your thoughts and emotions.

7.  Toxic waste steals the most precious commodity of your life Ė your time.  Every minute you spend putting toxic waste into your mind is a minute in which you are not putting in positive things.  You have 1440 minutes every 24 hours and how you use each minute is a choice.  Are you going to use that minute to fill your mind with toxic waste or are you going to use it to fill your mind with positive things.  You canít do both.  Itís one or the other and you must choose which it will be.  If you choose toxic waste, your life gets worse.  If you choose positive things, your life improves.

Excerpt from :

Zero Tolerance To Negative Thinking : Good-by Depression - Hello Positive Mind

David J Abbott M.D.

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