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In Matthew 16:23 Jesus said, ďYou are a stumbling block to me.  You think as men think, not as God thinks.

Jesus said that when we think like men, we stumble.  How we think and what we think is important.  Wrong thinking trips us up.  We need a new way of thinking; we need to think as God thinks.

When you get in agreement with God, then you are thinking the way that God thinks. You need to understand how God thinks so that you can get in agreement with him.

God is the God of the possible.  Impossible is not found in his vocabulary, and impossibility doesnít exist in his universe.  Everything is possible when you think the way God thinks.

God is the source of all good things.  All that you are or have comes directly or indirectly from him.  There are no shortages in Godís kingdom of love.  Everything that you need to live an abundant life is already present and available for those who think as God thinks.

How does God think?

God thinks abundance.  Jesus said that he had come so that you might have life and have it more abundantly.  God created the world and everything in it.  What you need is no big deal to God.  Supplying your needs wonít break his back or bankrupt his kingdom.  God enjoys giving you good things.  His plan is to fill your cup with blessings until it runs over.

God thinks possibility.  All things are possible when you think the way God thinks.  God is the God of possibility, and there is no limit to how good your life can become when you think the way God thinks.

God thinks positive.  The most positive force in the universe is Godís love.  It changes the way you think and feel making you into a positive person.

God thinks positive expectations.  When you get into agreement with God, your expectations change.  Impossible becomes possible, and scarcity becomes abundance.  God has a powerful positive plan for your life.  God expects good things to happen in your life when you think the way that He thinks.

God thinks forgiveness.  God forgives you for the wrong things that you have done.  He not only wipes the slate clean, He also throws the slate away.

God thinks freedom for the captives.  Jesus came to set the prisoners free.  The chains of lack and limitation fall off when you think the way God thinks.

God thinks release from oppression.  Jesus came to liberate you from all forms of oppression. Economic, spiritual, chemical, and psychological dependencies disappear when you think the way God thinks.

God thinks recovery of what has been lost.  The blind receive their sight.  What the world destroys and takes away, God recovers and restores.

God thinks favor.  He bestows his blessings on all who get in agreement with him.  He opens the windows of heaven, and blessings fall all around.

God thinks good news. God has no dark side.  He is on our side, and is in it with us for the long haul.  All of Godís thoughts are good news.  When you become silent and listen for Godís voice, you hear his positive message of love.

You can trust God.  If you do your part, God will do his.  When you get in agreement with him, when you think the way that He thinks, then God starts working miracles in your life. 

God already knows what you need even before you ask.  God wants to give you good things even more than you want to receive them.  But first you must ask.

Jesus said, ďAsk and you will receive.Ē  Asking simply recognizes that God is the source of all good things, and that He can be trusted to provide.  Outsourcing doesnít exist in Godís kingdom of love.   All of us need to be reminded that God is our source.  God will give you what you need unless you block him.  There are no shortages in Godís kingdom; there is only lack of faith, lack of trust, and lack of positive expectations.  God is a God of abundance, and when you get in agreement with him, when you trust him to supply your needs, when you have positive expectations, then the windows of heaven open, and blessings fall all around.

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